Another teenage invention that charges your smartphone while walking

Furkan Faruk Aslan shoes that charge phone

In daily routine we walk a lot and that energy is dissipated in thin air. Perhaps a good idea is to harness that energy into electrical energy for your power hungry mobile devices. A 15-year old Turkish secondary school student with similar vision has developed a pair of walking boots that can power-up your smartphone, for unlimited energy reserve that will never go dry.

Meet Furkan Faruk Aslan from Erdemli district of Southern Mersin province, who has made these multipurpose hiking boots as a part of his project for technology class at Akdeniz Secondary School with help from his design teacher Nazan Ayar. With keen interest in mechanical technology and DIY project, Furkan calls this initiative of his as “Step by Step Energy”.

The main inspiration to make phone charging boots came from his interest for hiking and trekking, where he noticed the need for a permanent source for charging gadgets, anytime anywhere. Surely battery banks can do this task, but they also need to be charged again once the backup has been used fully.

Furkan Faruk Aslan shoes that charge phone

It took him around two months to complete this project and it makes use of magnetic friction to produce electricity with each step taken. He fitted the boots with a nine-volt battery that charges enough by just walking 200 meters, so that mobile devices like phone can be powered-up. To do this, one just has to connect the USB cable to the slot provided at the side of the boots and it starts charging.

Furkan’s effort is a bit similar to the previous attempts to develop such kind of charging mechanism while walking. For example, shoe that charges mobile devices developed by an Indian student and an impressive shoe developed by a teenager that was seen at the Google Science Fair 2014.

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