Sunburn strip indicates when you are soaking too much Sun!

Sunburn indicator by David Hazafy Queens University Belfast

Laying out in the sun is a good regime to soak Vitamin D, but too much of it carries the danger of developing sunburn, tanning and skin cancer! So how do you control the adverse effects of Sun bathing and know when to make a walk towards a shady area? Till now it was just a matter of judgment or the instructions on your suntan lotion that provide an idea of the amount of time to stay out in the sun, but now a new development gives you a very precise idea. Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have invented a plastic strip that changes its color when there is too much exposure to sunlight.

This strip can be worn like a bracelet on your wrist and as it turns its color from blue to colorless, it is an indication that you have soaked enough sun for the day. The plastic strip uses the phenomenon of Photocatalysis developed by Dr. David Hazafy from Queen’s University Belfast and it works by absorbing sun’s energy (total UV component) to initiate a chemical reaction which changes the color of redox dye. This gives an accurate indication of when to move out from the bare sun into a shadowed area before there is damage to the skin.

Sunburn indicator by David Hazafy Queens University Belfast

The good thing about this new kind of sunburn detecting strip is its ability to adopt to the wearer’s skin type and then fade away the color of the dye accordingly. The invention has won Hazafy a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise fellowship that is worth almost €120,000. However, the good news is that the researcher is pushing forward to bring this innovation to the market under his company SunCatalyst Laboratories, that could sell the sunburn indicator strip at just €7.

Credit: Guardian



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