Linux-powered smart alarm clock with touchscreen keypad

Linux based smart alarm clock

What do you do when your alarm clock becomes dysfunctional? You replace it with a new one bought over the shelf. Well, not so if you are Benoit Frigon. The latter developed a Linux powered smart alarm clock, when his old one broke. With an intention to build a compact alarm clock that runs Linux, Benoit finished at this easy to use, wonderful to look at, and completely functional alarm clock that is powered by Linux, syncs over NTP, features a touch keypad and Web interface to configure the clock, upload alarm sound etc.

Linux based smart alarm clock-2

According to developer Benoit, he decided to design a Linux powered alarm clock ‘because a processor capable of running Linux is more flexible and offers reliable tools for many of the features he required and also the ones he had not thought of.’

Linux based smart alarm clock-1

At the base of the clock, in addition to the Linux kernel version 3.18; Benoit has an Aria G25 SOM (System-On-Module) based on 400 MHz ARM AT91SAM9G25 processor. The processor comes integrated with basic hardware and necessary ports and connections. Benoit has used an AT42QT1085 QTouch sensor IC from Atmel as the keypad. Owing to its eight capacitive sensing inputs and about 16 general purpose I/O, the clock is able to take touch commands. This Linux powered alarm clock works on rechargeable battery and features 3 LEDs for snooze, time set, and alarm setting button.



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