Star Wars X-Wing drone is the coolest looking UAV that you can also make

Star Wars X-Wing drone

Flying a drone has its own thrill, but flying a drone that looks like a Star Wars Starfighter adds to the excitement. Have a look at this drone built by Star Wars fanatic and experienced DIYer Oliver C, who has made this drone in the shape of an Incom T-70 X-Wing. The drone is constructed from foam shell to keep it lightweight (just 440 grams) and not create any unnecessary drag while flying. Moreover the drone is made from carbon fiber material to provide structural strength in case it comes crashing down on solid land.

Star Wars X-Wing drone

The outer shell that look like a X-Wing Starship has an Omen 410 quadcopter chassis (that too made by him) underneath it which forms the base of this cool looking drone. Powering up the drone is a 3300mAh battery and to catch all the action in first-person view there is a GoPro 4 camera on-board.

This quad-rotor drone is quite rightly unique in its own rights and Oliver is generous enough to detail-in on the make process of this drone provided in the Youtube video. Maybe you can make one for yourself and give it your own creative twist.

Star Wars X-Wing drone

Star Wars X-Wing drone

Credit: DigitalTrends



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