Man builds Civil War-style camera to shoot quality photos

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We are in an era where cameras have become so handy and light, so creative and delightful. But there is no denying that technology of modern cameras is based on technology created several hindered years ago. Although, the ancient cameras were anything that we have now, but they were surely ahead of their time. Case proved worthy by DIY-er Bobby Sader who has build a period camera; a camera that was probably used in the 19th century.

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Graduate of Allegany-Limestone High School, Bobby Sader is also alumni of SUNY Fredonia, where he earned a degree in visual arts and new media and learnt all aspects of photography. In one of his class projects Sader used a 35mm camera, but when he developed the pictures he found that the enlarged photos did not match the quality and clarity he desired. He got out searching for professional cameras to meet his requirements, only to find that these cameras were way out of his budget. Following disappointment, Sader decided to build his own Civil War-style camera that would shoot quality photos.

Bobby Sader DIY camera

According to Sader, his camera is not anything complex or crazy, it’s a simple wooden frame camera very similar in appearance to cameras seen 100 of years ago. Weigh only 13 pounds, the camera is made from a handmade bellows, has an antique Bausch and Lomb lens inside and uses light-sensitive photographic paper instead of glass plate negatives of yesteryears. The photographic paper capture images when exposed to light for a short time period.

After completion of the Civil War-style camera that is used to capture events, landscapes and Civil War re-enactors; Sader is working on a wooden tripod, which will be used to hold the camera firm.

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