DJ Avicii creates world’s first 360-degree interactive music video for his new single

avicii waiting for love interactive music video
We know him for his wonderful music and exciting videos. But in his latest single “Waiting for Love”, Avicii has come up with something that we have not seen in his or any other music video before. Taking advantage of Youtube’s new 360 degree interactive video support, the Swedish DJ Avicii has created what is the world’s first fully interactive music video. We saw an animated lyric video of the song last week, but this is completely different and takes music video capabilities to a whole new level.  

The video is very ambitiously choreographed; you can see professional dancers performing routines on the floor, and moving in and out of doors stationed in a circle right in front of a central camera. The floor is creatively staged, in that you cannot see all the doors and dancers in one glance; you get a on-screen toggle set, on left top corner of the video, which can be used to view the 360 degree interactive video.

Using the toggle set – a directional pad like in Google Maps, you can adjust your point of view and see what you want in the video. Scroll down for the pioneering video and spend next four minutes of your life watching through “Waiting for Love” music video in a manner never before.

The animated lyric video

Via: Idolator



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