Revolutionary gadget that extends disposable battery life by 800 percent!

Batteriser battery power enhancing gadget

It will come as a surprise if I told you that the standard alkaline batteries that you use have almost 80% battery life in them before them are rendered unusable. But this fact is true and the single AA or AAA battery that you buy for your gadgets and accessories dies well before it is intended to. The reason being the drop in voltage of the battery from 1.5 volts to well below 1 volts with usage. This drop in current is considered as an indication of a dead battery by the device you are using the battery for and the consequence, well the battery goes into the trash can!

Batteriser battery power enhancing gadget

Increases battery life by maintaining 1.5 volts current in the battery

Having said that, it could all change in the coming months as an invention could fix this very basic anomaly in portable batteries. This is Batteriser, a small sleeve for alkaline battery that keeps the output voltage up to 1.5 volts till the battery runs dry, thereby giving an unbelievable 8 times longer battery life. Invented by Bob Roohparvar, this simple looking device for alkaline batteries will revolutionize the billion dollar worth battery industry.

Batteriser battery power enhancing gadget

Batteriser is a metal sleeve that makes use of every single ounce of energy left in your alkaline battery and kicks battery life up considerably. In numerous tests conducted on AA batteries, the device was able to extended the battery life by atleast 4-5 times depending on the brand and usage.

Batteriser battery power enhancing gadget

All this could be possible by the month of September as Batteriser is all set for commercial release for just $10 for a pack of four batteries. Just imagine the amount of money you’ll be able to save with this tiny gadget embracing your batteries. And not to forget that it will be a boon to the environment, since there will be no chemical wastes left in the battery.

Batteriser battery power enhancing gadget

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