Spring loaded Bionic Knee Brace provides leg muscle strength when needed

Spring loaded Bionic Knee Brace

As we grow old, our knees tend to give way and lose their flexibility and strength. Now only age, but other factors like external injury or accident can hamper knee strength considerably with time. This can disrupt normal life in more ways that not and hence hamper the everyday freedom to walk, perform dexterous activities and sports performance in case of athletes. All that is set to change in the coming years as Spring Loaded Technology Inc., founded by Bob Garrish and Chris Cowper Smith is on its way towards a revolutionary wearable.

Looking for a simple yet effective knee brace design that would help the wearer in smooth movement, the duo have created a spring loaded mechanical brace which supports the knee, provides able shock absorption and strengthens it with time. This new kind of bionic knee brace works like the suspension of your car to minimize join compression and increase endurance while doing athletic activity.

Bionic Knee Brace (a.k.a Bionic Boost) uses hinge mechanism technology that stores energy and then gives able assistance to the user when needed the most. The knee brace is developed in such a way that it works well for any kind of walking or sprinting activity and for any kind individual, be it senior citizen or athlete.

Spring loaded technology that supports walking motion when assistance is needed the most

It took almost 3 years to develop the first working prototype of the bionic knee brace and now it won’t be long before the wearable is released for commercial use since the makers have already setup a team of 11 people to manufacture it at a facility in Burnside. The manufacturing facility will be beefed-up ably in case they win the 2015 BDC Young Entrepreneur Award as Bionic Knee Brace has made it through as Nova Scotia finalist.

Spring loaded Bionic Knee Brace

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