Cougar 450K gaming keyboard is completely waterproof and almost mechanical

Cougar 450K gaming keyboard

Your gaming gear is most prone to drenching in accidentally spilled liquids. If you haven’t spilled your coffee or that energy drink on your keyboard, you haven’t played enough, keep trying! But hey, for you here’s way to avoid ruining your expensive gear – shell £40 or $60 odd and own the Cougar 450K gaming keyboard designed specially to let you play with wet fingers. The keyboard by German company Cougar is spill-proof and is designed to mimic a mechanical keyboard.

For sixty bucks a backlit, splash-proof mechanical gaming keyboard (as company touts) may sound a bargain. Realistically though, the keyboard features plastic keys that of course have been created in such a manner that they mimic the harmonious clickiness and responsiveness of a mechanical keyboard. Doable with I guess, perhaps when the keyboard can run underwater; asking too much of it I presume.

The Cougar 450K gaming keyboard is not just about being a bland waterproof keyboard for gamers; it comes with a host of other features including anti-ghosting and on-board storage for programmable macros. The keyboard offers 1,000Hz polling rate for effortless typing and faster response to finger command.

To be made available globally starting next month; the 450K gaming keyboard comes in three color options.

Via: CNet



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