The futuristic, tough and beautiful O Six Hundred Kayak is ultra-lightweight

o six hundred kayak

When Inuit invented the kayak – as a hunter’s boat, the idea was to make it to measure for only one man’s size and weight. Ever since, basic design of the hunter’s boat hasn’t changed, it still remains heavy and quite uncomfortable to transport, while most of the other hunting gear has undergone transformation with modernization. To fill this void with a revolutionary kayak, the O Six Hundred kayak has been conceived by Ben Cooper and Andrew Simpson of The Balmain Boat Company.

o six hundred kayak_1

Staying really true to its original concept (that dates back to 4,000 years), the O Six Hundred kayak is made from 9mm-broad marine grade plywood which is fabricated using computer numerical control aka CNC process, and has been skinned in carbon fiber (lightweight, tough material). The futuristic frame and lightweight skin ensures the kayak is superlight – weighing only 10kgs. This means, just anyone can reach O Six Hundred kayak to waters easily.

o six hundred kayak_2

The O Six Hundred kayak is available to order at the company website. It comes in a 30 piece, ready to assemble kit, so you can enjoy build your own kayak at home (IKEA style). Priced at AUD$1490 (approx US$1145) the O Six Hundred is within the reach of most kayakers.

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o six hundred kayak_4

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