Apple WWDC: watchOS 2 shows the power of Apple Watch with all new interface

Apple Watch watchOS 2 WWDC 2015

To compliment a decent hardware, good software always plays a pivotal role. Apple Watch just got itself a new software at the WWDC 2015 and it gives the smartwatch a major facelift. Apple watchOS 2 preview at the keynote showed how beautiful the smartwatch looks with the new operating system, not to mention the powerful lot of apps that extend its functionality three folds. The most important element of a smartwatch is its face, and Apple has made a point with the new OS’s interface that looks better any day compared to the maiden Apple Watch face.

Apple Watch never looked better and with watchOS 2 it speaks out loud

The noticeable improvement to the watchOS 2 are primarily targeted at making the interface neater, smarter and performance oriented. Have a look at these major enhancements that will make Apple Watch irresistible once it comes loaded with the new OS all set to be released this fall.

Apple iOS 9 WWDC 2015

1) Watch Face

The watchOS 2 comes with a very eye-catchy collection of Time-Lapse videos shot at various locations around the world. You can set them as your watch face and express your style. However, if you are concerned that this will be a battery drainer, then you can choose the Photo Album mode which toggles the photos from your gallery to function as the watch face every time you raise your wrist. Otherwise you can choose a single favorite image and set it as the watch face.

Apple Watch watchOS 2 WWDC 2015

2) Customization

The watch face can be customized with elements that are important to you. For example you can put the calendar events, flight schedules and much more. This gives you the freedom to do more on your smartwatch without checking out your smartphone again and again.

3) Time Travel

This new mode lets you see the weather predictions, schedules and events with the turn of the smartwatch’s digital crown. Since it is time travel you can also see what happened yesterday like news headlines.

Apple iOS 9 WWDC 2015

4) Nightstand mode

When the Apple Watch is connected to the charger it goes into Nightstand mode which illuminates the digital display with all the relevant information like time, date and alarm. Whenever you touch the watch face, digital crown or side buttons it automatically turns the digital display on.

Apple Watch watchOS 2 WWDC 2015 mail

5) Apps

watchOS 2 makes possible faster load time for native apps and improved performance. Moreover you can use features like Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, accelerometer, heart rate sensor and microphone to do more than ever before. Along with that, now you can respond to emails directly from your smartwatch by dictating the text via Siri.

Apple Watch watchOS 2 WWDC 2015 activation lock

6) Activation Lock

Security is your primary concern for Apple Watch, hence watchOS 2 comes with Activation Lock feature which prompts you to input iCloud Apple ID and password so that no one access your information in case the smartwatch is lost or stolen.

Along with these features the new OS gives a nice way to organize contacts in groups, ask for Siri to do more than ever before and send your colorful sketches to other Apple Watch owners.



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