Apple WWDC: Mac OS X El Capitan supersedes Yosemite OS with loads of features

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan

It comes as no surprise that Apple has previewed its new big iteration of Mac OS at the WWDC 2015. Just like last year when Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite was released at the Worldwide Developers Conference, the next operating system codenamed as OS X El Capitan was unraveled at a keynote presented by Craig Federighi. Just like the iOS 9, this operating system for Mac focuses on improved performance and features that are oriented towards modern lifestyle and increasing productivity.

Mac OS X El Capitan focuses on performance, functionality and appearance

Mac OS X El Capitan is going to be available to developers’ right now and public beta version of the OS is expected to launch by July 2015 with a full-fledged roll-out for upgrade from Yosemite expected by this fall. Having said that let’s have a look at some of the noticeable features this operating system that will surely lure-in more Apple fans into buying Mac systems.

1) Metal

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan Metal

Metal core technology that provides fluid visual graphics and performance

The all new graphics engine called Metal core technology which works well in tandem with graphics processor of Mac to deliver fluid visuals and performance. It speeds up the graphics rendering speed by 50 percent, thereby considerably increasing app performance and lending greater level of detail. When compared to Yosemite, the new OS launches apps 1.4 times faster and makes app switching 2 times more crisp.

2) Safari

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan safari

Seamless browsing on Safari

There is some serious overhaul to Apple’s native OS, Safari. Tab management has got much better, you can pin favorite websites and most importantly audio can be muted without searching for tabs. Also one can now stream videos from webpage (without sharing the whole screen) to HDTV using AirPlay.

3) Split screen

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan split screen

Multitasking just got more fun

El Capitan brings split screen functionality to the Mac with the ability to divide the screen into two for working on two apps at the same time. For example you could be chatting with your friends on one side and on another doing your email check and other browsing activity.

4) Spotlight

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan spotlight

Intuitive search with Spotlight

Spotlight has got even better with this new OS version as it can search for files using natural language. Results for weather, stock exchange numbers and other transit information can now be searched smartly using your casually spoken language.

5) Notes

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan spotlight

Interactive notes app for Mac

A feature that I wished should have been incorporated much earlier, Notes app brings the native feature of jotting down notes to Mac. The app is connected to iCloud and one can access the notes in form of photo, video or map locations from iPhone too. Now it’s just too easy to create interactive to-do lists or wish lists with Notes app.

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan spotlight

Interactive notes app for Mac

These are just a few features of the many other features that will make Mac an interesting prospect. For example the Mission Control feature which organizes open apps on Mac with a swipe so that one can pick the ones that are of importance. The font of the OS interface has been changed to San Francisco to match the Apple Watch OS and iOS. Lastly, the OS now has features specific to Chinese users, like system font keyboard input and trackpad handwriting.



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