Iron Man themed PS4 controller that you can also make for just $50!

Iron Man themed PS4 controller

Iron Man themed PS4 controller

PlayStation 4 gaming console that looks intimidatingly cool, this is the first though that struck my mind as I lay eyes on this picture. It is the work of Reditt user [touchmeinthebeard] who used some smart work to turn an ordinary looking PlayStation 4 controller into an Iron Man themed controller that looks flashing gorgeous and would go perfectly with the Iron Man themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The DIY is quite easy to accomplish and is not as extensive as the Steampunk PS4 project, so read on further.

Iron Man themed PS4 controller

Intimidating light bar decal is downright impressive

Color theme matched perfectly for Intimidating Iron Man Looks

[touchmeinthebeard] set out on enclosing the PS4 controller DualShock 4 with Iron Man attire. To do so took help of eBay to get his hands on gold chrome plating housing shell with gold buttons, red chrome plating housing shell, a custom dream LED analog thumb stick and light bar decal from FlamingToast. All this cost him just $50 and the result is an irresistible PS4 gaming controller which every Iron Man fan would like to lay hands on.

Although not much information on how to put the pieces together has been provided but I guess you are a good DIYer to figure that out. The project is not much complicated and just requires some knowledge on how to put the PS4 together after you have opened it to replace the shell.

Iron Man themed PS4 controller

Ambient blue LED light thumb-sticks



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