Parrot MiniDrones – Hydrofoil: A drone that can fly on water

Parrot Hydrofoil Drone

Parrot Drones has been known to come-up with innovative UAVs that appeal to the common man. Keeping in tune with their USP, Parrot has come up with a fleet of mini drones that can skim across fresh water, do night surveillance tasks and a jumping drone that can become an able spy if needed. Launched in three different variants, Parrot’s new MiniDrones will come in 13 models in total, giving you more ways to enjoy the fun. Starting from €100 right up to €200, these drones will absolutely become your favorite toy. Let’s have a look at each of these smartphone controlled MiniDrones in detail below.

1) Parrot MiniDrones – Hydrofoil

This is the most interesting quadcopter of the lot which behaves as a normal drone and when needed it connects to a mini boat and propels it forwards with ease. As you can see from the video below, this drone deploys into a power-boat styled thruster in no time and pushes the mini boat in the intended direction. To control the motion of Hydrofoil boat, the drone can be connected to Bluetooth or WiFi and then with the compatible app one can control it easily. Hydrofoil can go at a top speed of 6 miles per hour for a duration of 7 minutes before needing recharge. The price has been set at 169 Euros and the drone will in two color variants with slight difference in the looks.

2) Parrot MiniDrones – Night Airborne

Perfect for night surveillance tasks, this mini drone weighs just 58 grams and has autopilot mode which uses the 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope to control the flight. It can take pictures and cruise in the night time at speeds of 11mph for a length of 9 minutes on one charge of 25 minutes. And on top of that it can perform aerobatic moves like complex loops and flips. The drone comes in two different models – one called Night that is equipped with LED lights for night time flying and another called Cargo which is styled like Lego bricks. The drone is priced at 129 Euros and the Night Airborne will come in Blaze, Swat and Mc Clane variants.

3) Parrot MiniDrones – Jumping Night

Ideal for spying mission and some night time drama, the Jumping Night MiniDrones have beaming headlights and the ability to jump from one point to another to a distance of 2.5 feet autonomously. The runtime is 20 minutes which is impressive when compared to its other drones and it can cruise at a speed of 4 mph. The drone will come in various color options at a price of 199 Euros.

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