Oxstren smart gym glove is set to change the way you workout

Oxstren glove

Pratik Saraogi, a Purdue University dropout and law graduate from Mumbai University proves the proverb ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ affirmative with the invention of Oxstren – world’s first smart gym glove. Pratik, a fitness buff was sick of all types of wearable fitness devices available in the market since, most of them just tracked steps and calories burnt. Requiring a complete monitoring device for the gym, Partik developed Oxstren smart glove that is not just for workout tracking, but is a real time gym instructor.

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Explaining the necessity for a device like Oxstren, Patrick said,

I owned almost every fitness wearable device in the market. The most they had were pedometers. I wanted something that could tell me how much I eat, how much cardio I do, and whether I am doing my exercises right.

Partik choose to create a Oxstren gym glove with health and activity monitoring traits for two reasons – gloves are largely used by gymers and fitness enthusiasts, and gloves have a large surface area to stick in all kinds of necessary sensors.

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The Oxstren gym gloves are made of patented smart fabric, which is a combination of leather and latex. The gloves feature added sweat resistant latex layer and can recognize exercises through built-in motion sensors. Using accelerometer, gyroscope and a host of motion sensors the gloves can monitor fitness at different levels – some of the indicators include, heart rate monitoring, breath analyzing, oxygen level monitoring, hydration level monitoring, recording calories bunts and steps taken. Most of the feedback is delivered by the glove in form of alerts and vibrations and with help of a dedicated app, wearer can check out the details on a synced smartphone.

Most interesting and helpful feature of the Oxstren smart glove that makes it the go to gym glove is the exercise form evaluation. The glove monitors wearer through the exercise routine, counts the reps, force exerted on the machine, and indicates when the exercise is being done incorrectly.

Oxstren glove progress

Patrik is looking to launch a Kickstrater campaign for the Oxstren gloves to raise USD 100,000 (approx. INR 64 lakh). Early bird price will be around USD 200. Oxstren smart glove is scheduled to ship towards the latter part of the year for about USD 250.

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