Arachnobeea – Zero G drone that’ll walk aboard International Space Station

Arachnobeea drone

Drones could soon be helping astronauts aboard the space station(s) as NASA’s International SpaceApps Challenge dared hackers and engineers to make a drone that will be able to function in zero gravity. Arachnobeea team took the challenge well and designed a waking drone that can work autonomously in zero gravity. The quad rotor UAV is quite dexterous and can set out on flights inside the International Space Station (ISS) in a controlled manner.

The drone is designed in such a way that it navigates inside the space station using a system of connected sensors that guide it every inch of the way. Since the drone is destined to help the crew in performing simple tasks like picking up objects, therefore it is equipped with a holding arm and a set of small vacuums that help the drone in clinging onto objects. This makes sure that the drone doesn’t keep hanging in the air inside the ISS and hold still in zero gravity.

Arachnobeea is tailor-made for long term missions that require autonomous robots for performing tasks in zero gravity. The drone can augment its rotor orientation to move very precisely inside the space station. With loads of data and references from the NASA SPHERES project (free-flying satellites on-board ISS since 2003), the Arachnobeea project is looking to make it aboard the space station as early as possible as the makers are hard at work bringing it to the final prototype stage.

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