Starbreeze Project StarVR is world’s first VR headset with 210-degree FOV

Starbreeze Project StarVR

Field of virtual reality is still pretty much open, though Oculus Rift has made a mark for itself on the pinnacle early on. To enhance gaming experience on the Rift we will see Oculus Touch controller making a debut at the E3. Another exciting VR device on display at E3 will be the Project StarVR – Starbreeze and InfinitEye’s 210-degree field of view heads-up display. Designed to improve field of view in virtual reality, the StarVR features 210-degree horizontal field of view, 130-degree vertical field of view and an impressive dual screen 5K display.

Starbreeze Project StarVR-1

The impressive virtual reality headset is a result of InfinitEye’s hardware expertise and Starbreeze’s awesome gaming and entertainment software skills. A truly immersive VR headset, the Project StarVR with its amazing horizontal FOV covers more than 75-percent of the human vision to ensure that VR experience is near natural for the user. The massive 210-degree by 130-degree FOV and sealed viewing area means, user can move eyes in any direction yet be surrounded by the virtual world.

Starbreeze Project StarVR-2

Interestingly, Project StarVR features dual 5.5-inch Quad HD panel, one for each eye, providing total of 5120×1440 resolution. The high-res display with Fresnel lenses deliver finest video quality possible in VR; hoverer, Mike Futter at who had a small hands-on with the headset says the ‘hardware has room for growth.’

Starbreeze Project StarVR-3

At E3, the StarVR headset can be tried with The Walking Dead in VR. There is no word the headset’s release date and price, but we assume it will be shipped well in time before the device stands to lose out on its USP i.e. the ultra-wide field-of-view.

Starbreeze Project StarVR-4

Via: RoadtoVR



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