KS Arm: Innovative Apple Watch charging solution by Kube Systems

KS Arm - Apple Watch charging system
Hey Apple Watch owners, next time you want to check into a Marriott Hotel you can leave your smartwatch charger at home. Extending its unique effort to develop wireless charging solution for Marriott Hotels (the hospitality industry at large), Kube Systems has launched the KS Arm, charging solution with built-in Magsafe charger for the Apple Watch. To be installed in Marriott hotels across the world, the KS Arm is an extension of the Kube Systems Portable charger and the Kube Systems Clock, which are already gracing lobbies of 29 Marriott hotels, and allowing guests to charge their compatible smartphones.

A charger is an accessory that most of us forget to pack on our vacations, but with the Apple Watch you cannot commit the cardinal sin since, the Apple Watch is one power hungry smartwatch. You’d require charging the watch at least once a day so it is functioning around the clock, doing things that you bought the watch for. The KS Arm is thus designed specifically to free Marriott guests from the fear of forgetting their Apple Watch charging cable at home.

Speaking about the launch of the KS Arm, Dave Weinstein, Vice President of Kube Systems said,

We’re proud to offer solutions that are tailor-made for the hospitality industry and designed to meet the always-changing power-hungry needs of consumers for their mobile devices.

He added,

We (Kube Systems) are thrilled to bring another innovation to market on the heels of the launch of our Marriott partnership last year.

Via: PRNewsWire



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