Researchers developing brain-controlled HMD eyewear for AR applications

HMD by korean reaseachers

A virtual reality environment where your thoughts are transformed into the intended moment like running or grabbing something. The idea sounds pretty novel, but very hard to implement since it requires complex sensors and hardware that can track the brain and muscle signals very precisely and then translate it into the required action. This reduces the delay of mimicking the moment, just like some of the exoskeletons shown in the movie Avatar.

Working on the same lines is the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning who have partnered with Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) for development of a VR headset which uses muscle signals to perform the requisite action in real time. This wearable is an electromyography (EMG) sensor which is in the shape of eyewear glasses. The wearable is paired up with a band-like sensor on the arm which catches the intended action in 30/1,000th of a second.

This new technology can be used for operating exoskeletons, controlling future robots and even for health training and rehabilitation programs. The HMD wearable is currently in prototype stage and will soon make it through to the final product stage, but before that it will be showcased at the Culture-Tech Fair to be held at Kbiz DMC Tower in Seoul on July 9 to 10.

Via: BusinessKorea



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