Sony PlayStation unravels 20th anniversary edition DualShock 4 Wireless Controller and Gold Wireless Headset

Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller and wireless headset

Sony PlayStation has given us more than one reason to relish all the gaming frenzy for over two decades, and to celebrate countless gaming fun for more decades to come, Sony has revealed a set of limited edition accessories. To celebrate 20 years of PlayStation in Europe, Sony will have DualShock 4 Wireless Controller in original grey and Gold Wireless Headset that will also come in the nostalgic color scheme. Both these 20th anniversary accessories with the distinctive PlayStation logo will come in September to Europe and Asia.

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But before coming to these regions, the headset and controller will be released in U.S. for a price tag of $64.99 and $99.99 for DualShock 4 Controller and Gold Wireless Bluetooth respectively. Sony PlayStation made this announcement via Twitter a couple of days ago and since then the blogging sphere has had their respective take on these limited edition accessories. Also the revalation was hinted at the recently concluded E3 2015. For us though, it is kind of wistful to see the classic grey color being sported for these anniversary edition goodies.

Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller

Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller

Sony Gold Wireless Headset

Source: PlayStation Via: TechTimes



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