It doesn’t get any stylish than these 3D printed V-Moda headphones

3D printed V Moda headphones

3D printed V Moda headphones look funky and cool

A die hard music fan and you would settle for any ordinary headphones? I don’t think so. This pals is a collection of 3D printed sleeves for the popular V-Moda headphones that can be totally customized for its look, take that for a funky looking pair of earpieces. The user has the option to remove the shields anytime he/she wants from these headphones that are a big hit with famous DJs around the world like Avicii, Tiesto and Claude. Perhaps, adding a bit of your own style lends these music machines a needed smart look that can rival any gadget for looks.

Considering that these panels for a variety of V-Moda headphone models can come in a mind-churning range of as low as $40 to an astonishing $40,000 defines the collections itself. The user has to simply unscrew the original plain shields from the sides of these headphones and then replace them with customized 3D printed panels of choice.

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The $40,000 3D printed models come in sterling silver, solid gold and platinum makes. While the bronze and brass models cost around $180 to $500, stainless steel goes down to $100 and the fiber ones for as less as $50. AS for the headphones, well the range starts from $200 for XS model which comes in fiber shield earpiece panels. So. Would you like to buy a pair of V-Moda headphones for yourself? Tell us in the comments sections.

3D printed V Moda headphones

Headphones with switchable 3D printed sleeves

3D printed V Moda headphones

Comes in a variety of options ranging from $40 to $40,000

3D printed V Moda headphones

3D printed models come in sterling silver, solid gold and platinum makes

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