Official Raspberry Pi case with removable top for $10

Official raspberry-pi-case

Ever since the pint-sized computer – Raspberry Pi has made it to the fore, it has been an apple of the eye for modders and DIY-ers. Raspberry Pi has been used in construction of more computing accessories than we can even count. Modders have also been active at creating cases for the Raspberry Pi. We have seen unofficial Lego and aluminum cases for the Pi before, but it’s for the first time after three years of its inception that an official Raspberry Pi case is developed.

The 3D printed Raspberry Pi case with the official logo is all plasticky, but it’s made perfect to house both the original and new Raspberry Pi 2 models. Developing the official case has not been easy for the team. Over at the Raspberry Pi Blog, you can go through a detailed description of the team’s two-odd years of hard work, which includes carefully choosing from numerous early designs and then finding a manufacturing partner for the case.

British company, T-Zero has been chosen to manufacture the official Raspberry Pi enclosure. It features an easy to remove top and sides, which ensure the tiny computer within can be accessed easily.

Dressed in white and raspberry color, the case is going to cost only £7 (approximately $10). It will available for purchase from Raspberry Pi distribution partners globally very soon.

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