Independent robots will build 3D printed steel bridge in Amsterdam

3D printed steel bridge

MX3D in collaboration with Autodesk and Heijmans is scheduled to build a 3D printed steel bridge in Amsterdam, Netherlands using autonomous robots created especially for the task. The robots developed through cost-effective robotic technology can draw beautiful and functional objects in almost any form including, steel structures in 3D. The robots have been tested to create a small foot bridge (that managed weight of a human being), but their ultimate test will be the proposed eye-catching 3D printed steel bridge at a special location in Amsterdam.

The bridge to be designed by Joris Laarman using Autodesk software will be a research project in itself, which the arm-shaped robots will give a natural form over a river. Robotic arms will start at either banks of a river in center of the city, and will build the bridge; constructing their own support by heating metal at over 1,500 degrees Celsius (approximately 2,732 Fahrenheit) before melting it into place to create the intricate design of the bridge to perfection.

3D printed steel bridge in Amsterdam

According to the robot engineers, the robot arms have gone through several versions and through various failed attempts; however, now robots have reached the final version, ready to realize the dream of a 3D printed bridge.

Exact location of where the 3D printed steel bridge will be constructed hasn’t been finalized yet; but work is scheduled to begin in September this year. It is believed the site will become a tourist attraction since, a visitor centre providing continuous update of the bridge’s work-in-progress will be created at the site.

Via: ScienceAlert



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