Strange World: Man implants microchip in his hand to commute in the local subway

Vlad Zaitsev implants chip under his skin

Vlad Zaitsev implants microchip under his skin

How the hell do you remember to put your public transport card inside the wallet amidst the tight daily schedule? Either you set a reminder for it or bank on your memory to buzz the reminder every single morning. Another way would be to implant the chip in your palm and never ever bother about remembering it. Yes, that is exactly what Vlad Zaitsev, a Russian engineer did!

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As strange as it might seem, this implant means that now he just has to wave his hand over the sensors that detect the chip to grand access through underground transport. He decided to take his hand under the surgical blade and create a 3-inch incision to insert the small microchip. There were no complications as such from the procedure and now he has one lesser card to carry every day in his Moscow subway commute. And it is worth mentioning that he is now known as “The Human Oyster Card” amongst the community.

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However, he admits that sometimes the sensors are not strong enough to detect the Troika card chip and leave him stranded at times. This somehow subdues the joy of this surgery and I’m sure Vlad hoped that he did a bit of research before performing the surgery.

Vlad Zaitsev implants chip under his skin

Vlad Zaitsev marks the area to implant the chip

Vlad Zaitsev implants chip under his skin

3-inch incision made in his hand

Vlad Zaitsev implants chip under his skin

Is it worth the scar?

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