This is what you should know about the rumored Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2

It’s been under two months you’ve worn the prized Apple Watch on your wrist and already the rumors suggest Apple is working on second generation wearable – they love to call the Apple Watch 2. Apple Watch is just been made available for sale on Apple Store, and the reported update has it that Apple Watch 2 is scheduled for 2016 debut with a host of new features, but a similar one day charge battery. Listed below are all these new suggested features that you should be familiar with.

FaceTime camera for video chat right off the wrist

The rumors suggest, new generation Apple Watch will feature a FaceTime video camera on the top bezel. This will enable, yes, face to face video chat right from the wrist. The rumor can be supported with the fact that Apple did talk about its interest in adding FaceTime functionality to the Apple Watch at the recently concluded Worldwide Developers Conference.

No need to lug your phone along when you’re wearing the Apple Watch 2

The reports suggest Apple Watch 2 will be sporting more functionality when it comes to independence of using the wearable without the iPhone. For this the Apple Watch 2 would feature a new Wi-Fi chipset. The watch would still require the iPhone to sync and updates, but the watch will be able to send and receive texts, and use many apps without the iPhone in close proximity.

It’s worth noting that Apple Watch doesn’t require the iPhone to be connected to playback music, run the activity tracker or to make mobile payments. These currently available features will definitely be carried forward into the new device.

More variants of the wearable

Come Apple Watch 2, and you can have more models to choose from. It is believed Apple is exploring possibility of introducing new models between the Stainless steel model and the 18 karat gold watch. Through this move, Apple will be looking to target customers at various price points.

No improvement in battery

You may not be fine with charging the Apple Watch every night, but according to a survey conducted on current Apple Watch owners, Apple is convinced that most customers are satisfied with battery life. Perhaps it is planning no improvement on its battery; at least the rumors suggest so.

Supposed launch date

If you are good with the idea of Apple Watch 2 with a video camera and new wireless system for more independence, then be informed that the wearable is reported to launch in 2016.

Via: 9to5Mac/BGR



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