Father’s Day gift ideas that’ll make your big man’s day special!

Father’s Day gift ideas that’ll make your big man’s day special

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it won’t be a bad idea to gift your best man a gadget that he would rejoice forever. Of all the different gadgets that we have featured here on DamnGeeky, most of them have been pitched to the younger lot. But as a dedication to the spirit of fatherhood, we present to you the best gadgets that your father will love to have. So take a bow, and choose from the given below list of gadgets that will make his day extra special.

1) Black & Decker car washer

Black and Decker PW1800WS high pressure washer

Everyone loves to ride a neat and clean car that is eye-candy. And I bet your father loves to keep his ride shining to the brim too. This folks is Black & Decker PW1800WS high pressure washer for your car that will save you a visit to the local car wash. Gift this car washer to your dad for just $352 and he’ll surely appreciate it.

2) Samsung vacuum cleaner

Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Men don’t like to indulge much in household chores like cleaning the floor and windows, and there is no reason why they should with a good vacuum cleaner around. The Samsung vacuum cleaner is ideal for your dad who likes to keep his place need and clean. The accessory comes for a hefty price tag of 800 pounds. Quite pricy, but if you can afford it, rest-assured it will be the best one ever.

3) Moto E 2nd gen

second-gen Moto E

Motorola has made a strong comeback into the market with its range of smartphones and it won’t be a bad idea to gift your father a smartphone that is well worth the money. Moto E 2nd gen is priced at $119.99 for the 3G model and $149.99 for the LTE model, so better buy it now and gift it to your father.

4) Leatherman Tread

Leatherman Tread multitool

Dad’s always love multi-tools and watches. So why not combine both of these into one product. Leatherman Tread is a 25 multi-tool wearable wristwatch that weighs just 150 grams in total and comes-in very handy for adventure trips and checking out time. The range of tools include screwdriver, wrench, hex drive, cutting hook and carbide glass breaker. The watch doesn’t come cheap at $150, but any gift is a priceless one for your dad.

5) Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostat

For people who like to stay for the major part of their day in the cozy confines of their homes, Nest Thermostat that can be controlled easily from your phone. It is very easy to install and operate, so makes for a good gift to your dad. It will cost you around $220 and is ideal if you are already spoilt for choices.

6) Wolverine Lamp

Wolverine Lamp

If your dad is a die-hard superhero fan than there is no better gift than this Wolverine Collectible Lamp. This lamp is shaped like the wolverine sign and comes in a dual black and silver finish for a price tag of $110.

7) Cigarette lighter watches


A watch that doubles as a cigarette lighter. This pals is a duo of cigarette lighter that are fitted inside a watch for multi-purpose solution, checking out time and lighting up cigarette. Now, I guess your father might be in the habit of enjoying the occasional smoke, so go get this cool watch for just $14 for the butane version and $18 for the heated-coil version.

8) Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo bluetooth speaker

For dads who like to listen to music, there can be nothing better than the Amazon Echo speaker. The speaker is completely voice-controlled and is connected to a number of online service for a complete experience that would rival Siri any day. Amazon Echo speaker comes for a price tag of $199 and is ideal for your audiophile dad.

9) SmartMat


For dads who are pretty much into yoga and fitness, the SmartMat is an ideal gift. Deemed as one of the world’s smartest yoga mat, this accessory helps in improving yoga postures. You can buy it for a discounted price of $297 right away, so better watchout.

10) Lix Pen

Lix 3D printing pen

Forget all those fancy writing instruments and gift your dad a 3D printed pen that creates 3D drawings. Lix 3D pen will cost around $140 when it finally retails and will come in two color options: Black matte and White matte.



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