Samsung announces Wireless Audio 360 speakers, puts forth a unique visual experience

Samsung Wireless Audio 360 speakers R6 and R7

Visualizing sound is perhaps the most difficult challenge that one faces, and Samsung Wireless Audio has put some intuitive minds to overcome this task. And what better than demonstrating how audio fills a room spatially, using a revolutionary new wireless speaker that claims to change the audio experience for good. The omnidirectional music accessory dubbed as Wireless Audio 360 speakers was announced at an event in London’s Victoria House. The USP of this presentation was the way in which audio was visualized that took everyone by surprise.

Samsung Wireless Audio 360 speakers R6 and R7

The Wireless Audio 360 speakers use Samsung’s patented ring technology that creates immersive surround sound that can be experienced from any point in the room. Basically the speakers create a sweet spot in every part of the room to experience surround-sound music. Basically, you won’t feel the sound coming from the speaker, rather it will sound like the music is being played from every corner of the room.

Samsung Wireless Audio 360 speakers R6 and R7

These portable speakers will come in two models R6 and R7 each priced at £400 and £500 respectively. Now, that is not cheap by any stretch of imagination, but the sound they produce is extremely good, so well worth the money if you can spend that much amount.

To demonstrate the way in which 360 sound concept and ring technology works and delivers amazing audio to every corner of the room, Samsung commissioned Artistic collective Artisan and Little Dot Studios. The visual experience courtesy light beams set the whole room alive using light and colors dancing to the tunes of music composed by Aiden Lavelle working in close association with Gorillaz and Massive Attack, and director by Ross.

# 360 Sound Experiment by Samsung Wireless Audio 360

#Behind the scenes of 360 Sound Experiment

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