Apple looking to give iPhone a serious face-lift with uni-body design

Apple iPhone metal body design

Ever bothered what those two strips of plastic on the back side your iPhone are? Are these strips a part of the design or something else? If you have no idea about those two plastic strips, well they are antenna lines of your Apple smartphone that are in place to send and receive radio signals. They are plastic-coated in that area to make sure there is no interference of radio signals, therefore Apple has to incorporate these plastic lines in the design.

To get past this design and give their phone a sleek uni-body design, Apple has filed a patent to develop a composite material which allows for transmission of radio frequencies without any problem. The composite material looks and feels like anodized material, but is far better conductor of radio signals.

According to Apple, plastic or glass surface doesn’t have that metallic solid look and is a break in the consistency of look which mars the overall feel of the phone. Hence, they have invested time and money in this new metal composite which combines the best of both the compounds.

Not only does Apple plan to implement this material for Apple iPhone, but also for other products like Mac. They have plans to coat the touchpad of Mac PC with the same material so that it looks consistent. The technology can be employed for touchscreens too.

We speculate that this new design could be incorporated into the rumored iPhone 7 speculated to be released in September 2015, and have our fingers crossed for seeing a uni-body design.

Via: BusinessInsider



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