Smartphone-controlled Space Case 1 suitcase is ideal for geeky travelers

Space Case 1 suitcase

This suitcase is definitely made for the geeky section of the community who just can’t do away with their gadgets. Up on Kickstarter platform for funding, the project has already surpassed the funding goal by almost four times with 24 days more to go. The maker claims it to be the most advanced smart suitcase ideal for frequent travelers who like to carry a bunch of gadgets with them and looking for more than just a simple suitcase since it is smartphone-controlled with both iOS and Android phones.

Space Case 1 is made from lightweight and flexible polycarbonate material, but that is not what makes it special. The USP comes from its tech savvy features like biometric locking system which works through fingerprint recognition system and an in-built power bank of 12,000 mAh to keep your gadgets juiced via two USB ports on the top panel of the suitcase. The list doesn’t stop there, the luggage has Global tracker, a digital weighing system, proximity sensor, anti-theft alerts Bluetooth speakerphone.

The owner can track Space Case 1 suitcase via an app in case it is lost or stolen. And if you are unable to unlock the suitcase using fingerprint recognition it can be remotely unlocked via the same app. Plus as a bonus the app keeps you updated on flight schedules and gate changes for the flight.

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This smart suitcase is all set to be shipped in November for a price of $249, but mind you that price is only for ones who’ll support the project on Kickstarter. The retail price is going to be around $600-$700 in all probability. So better head straight over to Kickstarter and book yours.

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