Rumor: BlackBerry making an Android-powered smartphone dubbed Prague

Blackberry Z3 touchscreen smartphone

BlackBerry may be down, but it is by no way out of competition in the smartphone market. It is rumored that the company is working on an Android phone code-named Prague that can arrive by as early as this August. This comes as a welcome change since people have not taken the BlackBerry 10 much well, and frankly speaking it does not have the capability to compete with Android or iOS operating systems which give the user tons of features.

Prague smartphone is speculated to be somewhat like the BlackBerry Z3 smartphone, but with Android OS. Along with this, BlackBerry is also working on a high-end smartphone which again is going to be Android-powered and is codenamed Venice. This BB device running the six-core Snapdragon 808 processor will have a 5.4-inch QHD screen and an 18-MP rear camera.

It remains to be seen whether BlackBerry can revive its dwindling fortunes with this move, but one thing is for sure, if the smartphone will have good hardware people will not mind buying the device(s) when they will finally hit the market.

Source: N4BB Via: TechTimes



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