1TB Sony PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition console coming this monsoon season

1TB Sony PlayStation Ultimate Player Edition gaming console

A game of cat and mouse is brewing between Sony and Microsoft to capture gaming console supremacy. Last year it wasXbox One that caught Sony PlayStation unaware and pushed ahead in competition and now Sony is returning the favor back by announcing the 1 TB PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition console which has almost double the hard drive space when compared to the previous model. One would have believed that Sony would make the announcement at E3 2015, but they held the horses back and made the reveal today.

Not only is the new gaming console big on storage space, but it also hones lightweight credentials with a 10 percent improvement over the earlier model and power consumption reduced to 8 percent. Sony has decided to give the console a matte look which is not as glamorous as the 500 GB PS4, and will come in black and white color variants.

Sony has made it clear that the console will be coming to Japan by the end of June, in Europe by 15 July and North America sometime in July too. However they didn’t reveal the price of this gaming console which leaves us the dark on making any assumptions about its success.

Source: PlayStationBlog Via: TheVerge



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