SoloCam selfie stick is the right tool for budding journalists

SoloCam Selfie Stick

Guys it’s time we get beyond selfie photography using our selfie sticks. Making pouts and funny poses and posting them on social-media portals like Facebook and Instagram. It is high time to take on the world of citizen journalism and put your opinion in front of the world with a selfie stick that has in-built microphone, thus giving you the freedom to create video blogs and report on issues without needing a cameraman and other crew members.

This folks is SoloCam, and the name explains itself the kind of features you’ll get with this selfie stick. Just like any other selfie stick, the accessory has a telescoping pole to mount your smartphone or portable video camera. But the similarity ends there as it has a microphone attached to the other end.

That means you could be reporting like a journalist with your selfie stick and no one would ever know that there isn’t a cameraman behind the scenes. The possibilities are endless, you could be doing a stand-up show on your own or bring live footage from the heart of an event.

SoloCam Selfie Stick

SoloCam has a 180-degree swiveling handle with a joystick controller to give you more way to explore. And yes it has a dedicated app (iOS and Android) which comes with features like teleprompter and the ability to toggle between the front and rear camera. That is one good inclusion which is way beyond any other selfie stick.

The accessory is up on Indiegogo platform for funding and for early pledgers it will cost $49. For those who are a bit skeptical and want to wait till its retail version will be out, the price will be almost $99.

SoloCam Selfie Stick

Via: Gizmag



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