Goldgenie reveals 24k gold-plated Segwheel that runs at 18km/hr

24k gold plated segwheel

Segwheels haven’t become a mode of contemporary transportation yet; however, this is no reason to prevent Goldgenie from providing an electric Segwheel with the revered Midas touch. The customization specialists has taken an electric Segwheel and turned it in a luxurious 24k gold-plated Segwheel. The stunning mechanical wheel is embellished with over 5 microns of 24k gold and has been finished meticulously in Gold Python skin.

24k gold plated segwheel_1

Segwheels, thanks to their self-balancing trait, are surely headed in direction of becoming ultra modern form of urban transportation of the future. Being ecologically well placed, the electric-powered Segwheels are easy to carry and store, and can be ridden by body weight adjustment. The Segwheel built-in with gyroscope, balance stabilizers and lots of geeky algorithm can self-balance, and the rider can simple move the wheel to and fro or left and right by moving the body in desired direction.

24k gold plated segwheel_2

24k gold-plated Segwheel makes a perfect gift for any eco-conscious, luxury-stricken commuter who’d want to glide past his friends and foe at 18km/hr for almost 12km on a single charge. Charging the electric battery takes just 45 minutes. The gold plated Segwheel is priced at about £28,000 (approx. $44240) and can be further customized with diamonds, and other precious stones for additional cost.

Watch Laban Roomes, CEO of Goldgenie ride the 24k Gold plated Segwheel in video below.



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