Lexus working on a liquid nitrogen-cooled hoverboard

Slide Hoverboard by  Lexus

The future is upon us and, like they say, technology, design and imagination are creating amazing things that are too good to be real. And this time we need to thank Lexus for our astonishment as the auto manufacturer has created a rideable hoverboard that successfully manages to levitate an inch above the ground – according to the latest video released by them. The automaker labels it as Slide, which is the fourth project in the ‘Amazing in Motion’ series. Design of the hoverboard looks pretty futuristic and streamlined with Lexus’ spindle signature grille spiraling from one end to the other underneath the board. As far as the material is concerned, Lexus uses luxury car material and natural bamboo to make it look too tidy to step on.

There is very less information on its functionality, availability, and price, nor does the video show anyone actually riding it, but the company promises to bring more updates on the same in coming weeks. What is known for now is that the hoverboard uses superconductors and permanent magnets to stay afloat. And if you are still trying to figure out what those tiny clouds of smoke rising from fine slit of the hoverboard might be, then let me tell you that it’s fumes of liquid nitrogen used to cool superconductors and magnets.

We thought Hendo hoverboard was the coolest of them all, but more I watch this video, more I fall for this one. You can try that out by jumping over to the video to see to believe it. Once you do so, I bet, you will also fall in line with me.

Update: Applying best advertising tactics to promote its latest partially disclosed hoverboard project, Lexus has come up with yet another awe-inspiring promotional video showing the board hovering across the screen while belching tiny smoke clouds until it disappears behind the black screen to unveil the arrival date, which is August 5, 2015. So, we have just one more week to see what Lexus is cooking. Until then, feast your eyes on this latest hoverboard video.

Update:  New video released by Lexus is another proof that this sci-fi gear isn’t a mere set of computer generated imagery but an actual product inching towards the final phase. And, association of Ross McGouran, a professional skateboarder, makes our belief even stronger. However, both the videos show no sign of anybody actually riding it, but we want to believe it and hope to see positive developments from Lexus and McGouran. Till then, feast your eyes with this latest footage.

Slide Hoverboard by  Lexus
Slide Hoverboard by  Lexus



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