Rocking horse with the gut of a bike engine, only Colin could have thought of that!

MotorHorse by Colin Furze

The crazy Brit is back again with yet another surprising invention of his. Yes, I’m talking about Colin Furze, and his new DIY project is a rocking horse that can burn the tarmac down the alley. A rocking horse converted into a two-wheel racing machine that can take on any skilled knight of the yesteryears. This people is MotorHorse, a fiberglass rocking horse converted into something that I have not seen before. Colin made this MotorHorse as a request from guys over at Field Day, and boy is it rocking!

Colin took a rocking horse and as youkan see from the video he adds his own satire (that’s why I said “crazy brit”) to the whole make process that we are all accustomed to. Slamming an engine into a plastic animal and then tweaking its legs to give the feel of a running horse on wheels is crazy as well as hilarious at the same time. This guy is totally nuts when it comes to making things that others would never even imagine, let alone embark on creating.

He fitted a Honda 110cc CFR50 motorcycle engine right into the guts of this horse and then cut its legs to fit over the wheel and suspension of the unassuming plastic horse. And then, once the whole DIY is complete Colin puts up a show defeating a knight and winning the heart of a beautiful girl!

Source: Youtube



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