Pavegen and Tesla charge electic car through power of footsteps

Tesla Pavegen footstep powered electric car

If you’ve presumed a future where footstep would be a source of energy, you may bloody well be right. Pavegen developed mats that harness energy from your footsteps could soon be charging cars with help of people walking over the power mats. Pavegen has teamed up with Tesla to conduct an experiment showing how footsteps could charge an eclectic vehicle parked on the street. Off course, the technology is suitable for high-traffic pathways and wouldn’t be as simple as the driver running over the mats at one place.

According to Pavegen, ‘several hundred thousand footsteps will allow a vehicle to drive 20 minutes within London’s busiest streets.’ Yes, the technology is far from reaching our Tesla cars anytime soon, but surely there is scope for a future where car parked in a busy street full of pedestrians could charge your car to drive back home after work. Check the video of the experiment below for a fair idea of how your electric cars will receive their power injection.

If the video gives you any hope; head over to Pavegen’s crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube and pledge your share to help make this technology for real.




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