Bricasso – A printer made from Legos that prints Lego mosaic art!

Bricasso Lego Mosaic Printer by Jason Allemann

Gosh, we can’t get enough of Legos simply because creative geeks give us all the reasons to love Lego creations. This one by Jason Allemann is right out of the extraordinary category and you’ll know why I’m saying so. Lego Mosaic Printer dubbed as Bricasso is made completely out of Lego Bricks and what does it do? Print out the usual documents or photos? No sir, it prints out Lego bricks on a Lego base plate from images that it scans!

Bricasso uses the Mindstorms EV3 to scan image and recreates a pixelated array of Lego bricks on Lego 1×1 plates to closely match it. Since we are talking about a printer scanning an image and then recreating it on a base plate, the Lego printer can only replicate simple images. And to keep things simple the image is also pixelated so that the printer scans the image and puts the Lego bricks exactly in the same place as intended.

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The printer head (1×1 round plate) picks up the Lego bricks placed in gravity feed system which can hold 450 Lego bricks in 9 different colors. As you can see from the video above, the printing head puts the Lego brick in place and then rolls off of it. Bricasso takes approximately 20 minutes to print one section of the plate, quite slow, but exciting none-the-less.

Bricasso Lego Mosaic Printer by Jason Allemann

Via: BrotherBrick/TechnaBob



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