Bounce Imaging Explorer – Panoramic camera rearing for its commercial release next month

Bounce imaging explorer camera

Two years is what it took for the smartphone-controlled spherical ball to get into the manufacturing and commercial release stage. Yes, the Bounce Imaging team’s hard work has paid off and now they are all set to level-up the law enforcement field with the Explorer. And it is not surprising that team developing Explorer took a lot of time in finishing the product and making sure it had practical utility for law enforcement and disaster management situations. Although the gadget was initially seen as a first responder’s accessory, it soon caught the eye of government agencies and was urged forward for law enforcement use.

If you are still wondering what Explorer is, then let me tell you that it is a sphere like six-lens camera which sends back panoramic images of whatever is in front of it. The main element of Explorer is its software that intelligently stiches together the images clicked by the cameras and shows it in a panoramic view on smartphone. The functionality and design of this camera is easy to use and simple since it is going to be implemented in pressure situations.

Bounce Imaging has a target of deploying 100 Explorers in police departments nationwide by July end and also expects a huge chunk of orders from companies that deal in first responder situations. The price is not yet revealed for the camera but it is going to be up in the coming weeks.

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