Google’s quest for free internet access across the globe will begin shortly

Google SideWalk free internet

What do we crave for after our basic necessities? Definitely it’s internet and if you can get it for free, then there is nothing better. You do get free internet access at certain locations like restaurants and cafes but that is just a marketing strategy to lure-in more customers as the internet speed is not that satisfactory. Google is eyeing to change all that with its innovation startup SideWalk Labs which is promising an initiative for free internet across the globe.

The idea is to convert non-functional pay phone booths into hubs for free WiFi access within 150-foot radius and much more. SideWalk is going to provide other perks like free phone charging stations, phone calling and access to local service and information using these booths.

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Revenue for the business model will come from ad revenue courtesy the advertisements placed on these booths. The idea is going to be first implemented in New York with almost 10,000 phone booths to be turned into WiFi pylons by this September.

Google is planning to bring-in around $500 million in revenue in 12 years using this new initiative and major chunk of this money is going to go back into the cost incurred for providing free internet.

Via: Bloomberg



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