Blitab braille tablet brings new ray of hope for visually-impaired people

Blitab braille tablet

Here we have the world’s first braille tablet that uses liquid-based technology to map out any kind of letters, graphics, geometric figures or other content that is important to the visually-impaired. This new kind of tablet comes from an Austria-based startup Blitab Technology that is looking to revolutionize the market with its innovative gadgets that are helpful and simple to use for blind people. At the end of the day it is all about developing products that appeal to the end-user and have practical utility. That is exactly what Blitab is working on.

This first ever tactile tablet for the blind works without any mechanical components and the output is created purely through the liquid-based technology. The braille tablet has small physical bubbles which rise and fall to create the intended display.

Blitab braille tablet

Blitab has the capability to convert any text file into braille readable format or in-fact it can display webpage content too for seamless web browsing. The device is still in prototyping stage and is expected to make it into commercial manufacturing stage by September 2016.

Slavi Slavev, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Blitab Technology said:

This is revolutionary and we want to solve a great issue, and that’s the literacy of blind people. The technology is quite scalable so we can output images and put any tactile relief representation like maps and graphics, such as geometric figures, in order to serve as an educational tool for blind people.

Blitab braille

Blitab braille tablet

Credit: IBTimes



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