Wind-powered chopper speculated to feature in Mad Max: Fury Road sequel

Strangeworld Wind powered motorcycle

Fossil fuels are going to be in short supply come another decade, and that is why considerable effort is being put by automotive manufacturers to make a timely shift to hybrid and renewable source energy powered vehicles. Not only automobile manufacturers are hard at work, but there are many individuals who have taken the gauntlet on their shoulders to make a transition towards renewable energy powered vehicles. This pals is StrangeWorld, a solar and wind-powered motorcycle designed by Alistair McInnes from RMIT Australia.

The idea of making a wind-powered motorcycle came to Alistair when he was riding a rented motorcycle in the Highlands of Scotland in 2013. AS he stopped in Glencoe the thought of depleting non-renewable resources of energy struck him and he envisioned making a motorcycle that would not be dependent on fuel. Rather it would be powered by limitless wind-energy.

He started the development of his motorcycle and incorporated a hybrid charging system that would juice-up the battery using wind and solar energy. This is done using a kinetic wind power and photovoltaic battery charging system that stores the energy within the motorcycle body.

Strangeworld Wind powered motorcycle

When one needs to recharge the battery, the kinetic wind power system can be taken out from the compartment inside the bike and unfolded to charge the innards of this bike. If needed the bike can be also charged through solar energy and Alistair has designed this motorcycle specifically for the Australian outback where sun is out in plenty throughout the year and wind energy is also abundant.

StrangeWorld motorcycle build for about AU$7,000 is currently in prototype stage, as Alistair is making improvements to the design and powertrain to improve the current top speed of 80 km/h. Although the major chunk of work will be concentrated on improving the runtime of this bike on one charge to 500 kilometers.

Strangeworld Wind powered motorcycle

Interestingly the design of this bike goes very well with the theme of Mad Max: Fury Road and Alistair is hoping that StrangeWorld would make an appearance in the next sequel of this movie. He said that If George Miller wanted to use this bike, it would be pretty satisfying.

Strangeworld Wind powered motorcycle

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