Apple Watch patent promises exchange of information and data with a handshake

Apple Watch gesture based information exchange

There is no reason why Apple shouldn’t brag about its AirDrop feature that makes NFC look ordinary. But unfortunately the service isn’t viable enough to function on the Apple Watch smartwatch due to small screen size and hardware constraints. However Apple is now looking to patch that loophole and it is apparent from a patent filed for exchange of information between two Apple Watches without much fuzz. This patent is all about exchange of personal information or files by simple gestures like a handshake or high five.

Apple Watch has sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope installed to do all the fancy tracking activities and it also comes handy for recognizing gestures and then translating them into the requisite action like exchange of contact info. This particular patent clearly defines that any gesture that brings two Apple wearable devices in proximity will set into action the intended function.

Apple Watch gesture based information exchange

The tricky part is going to be the false positives which need to be evaluated so that the wearable is able to separate the intended action from an instinctive action like a casual handshake.

This patent is not only going to extend the gesture-based action for smartwatches, but will also extend to other devices like Mac or iPhone. For now, Apple is looking to incorporate the technology to make this gesture control method work error free for its smartwatch. The rest will follow later.

Source: PatentlyApple



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