Get these Iron Man themed gadgets and you’re already a superhero!

Iron Man Gadgets

One superhero that has captured the imagination of many out there is surely Iron Man. This modern day, one man army against the evil is super cool and inspires many to follow suite. So it is pretty obvious that gadgets inspired by Iron Man are quite popular and in plenty out there. So, let’s check-out our choice collection of the best Iron Man themed gadgets that are too hard to resist and you’ll like for sure.

1. Iron Man Lightsaber

Iron Man Lightsaber

Although a lightsaber is not Tony Stark’s cup of tea, but this DIY gadget caught our eye for sure. Custom-made by TheCustomSaberShop member [Eastern57], the Iron Man Lightsaber is fully functional and interestingly it also plays songs with the push of a button.

2. Iron Man Armor Power Bank

Power banks are the trend these with gadgets ruling major chunk of our life. While you can go for n number of power banks out there, being an Iron Man fan you better go for this 4000mAh Iron Man Armor Power Bank. The geeky accessory comes at a price of $65 and for looks it gets 10/10 from us.

3. Iron Man PS 4 controller

Iron Man themed PS4 controller

Iron Man themed PS4 controller

Frankly speaking, I want to own this Iron Man themed PlayStation 4 controller. But since it is not available for purchase and only a DIY project I’ll have to get to work some weekend and craft it myself. Reditt user [touchmeinthebeard] has turned an ordinary looking PS4 into an Iron Man fan boy gadget that looks absolutely gorgeous. The DIY is quite simple and you just have to buy some accessories from eBay and make you own for just $50.

4. Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Avengers Limited Edition phone

Samsung were banking on Iron Man to boost the sales of its Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, and it did succeed. For me this is the coolest smartphone attire that one can long for and Samsung nailed it right. The phone is going to be limited to just 1000 units, so you better hurry of you want it in your palms.

5. Iron Man laser glove

Iron Man Laser Glove

Another DIY gadget that is not for the weak hearted. This Iron Man laser glove by German DIY hobbyist Patrick Priebe is perfect homage to the legend of Iron Man. Out rightly cool, this dual laser firing glove has LED lighting, ejection shell and sounds to give you complete feel of a superhero.

6. Marvel Iron Man mouse

E-Blue Marvel Iron Man 3 Limited Edition collectible wireless mouse

I work all day on my laptop and obviously need a mouse for smooth workflow. One look at this Iron Man mouse and I so want to buy it. This E-Blue Marvel Iron Man 3 Limited Edition collectible wireless mouse takes the shape of Iron Man’s mask and perfectly contours into the mouse shape for ergonomic comfort. Price at $113 is a bit on the higher side, but for a superhero geek it is perfect.

7. Marvel Avengers Iron Man 3 USB drive

Marvel Avengers Iron Man 3 flash drive

It looks so cool you just want to own it right away. This pals is the Marvel Avengers Iron Man 3 USB drive shaped like Iron Man’s hand that is authorized by Disney Marvel. The hand has moveable fingers and it comes in 16 GB storage option. As you would have guessed, it carries a price tag of $55.

8. Iron Man Suitcase

Iron Man Suticase

To go with all your other Iron Man gadgets, take along this Iron Man Suitcase that is actually a 12,000 mAh battery pack. Called as Mark V Armor Suitcase Fuel Cell, the suitcase replicates the Iron Man 2 design aesthetics of the prop shown at the Monaco race track in the movie. The suitcase is priced at $99.99 and is not a bad deal considering it is so cool.

9. Iron Man Keyboard

Iron Man Keyboard

This waterproof keyboard can be paired with Marvel Iron Man mouse and you sure won’t regret the money you slash out for both. The Iron Man keyboard is made for gaming too and it operates flawlessly with Windows 8 PCs too.

10. Iron Man iPhone case

Iron Man Mark VII Protective iPhone 5 Case_2

This friend’s is the Iron Man iPhone 5 case by Brando and they call it Mark VII Protective Case. The case comes complete with lighting and an opening to reveal the camera which is kind of cool. It is available at Brando for $49 and is a quite popular accessory out there.

11. Iron Man Watch

HYT Watches Skull Watch Iron Man themed

Perhaps the coolest of them all, this Iron Man Skull Watch by HYT Watches comes at a mind-churning price tag of $97,000 and $108,000 for the 18K rose gold on titanium and black titanium with green liquid respectively. The watch is high tech since it has time display that works through liquid pumping through pistons.



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