I bet you’ve not seen anything like this Iron Man armor before

Asgardian Iron Man armor by Prince Armory

I have to be very honest with this (without sounding promotional) – having seen endless number of Iron Man costumes in time, I will have to hand this with top slot for being the best out there. Designed and developed by Samuel Lee of Prince Armory; the Asgardian Iron Man full body armor is made from leather and brass hardware. Like me, you may want to own this suit, but sadly, this is one-off and is not for sale; however, you can be lucky, since Prince Armory is ready to discuss custom orders. Rest assured you will need bloody deep pockets to own it.

Prince Armory has been all about creating functional artistry that is out of this world, and this stunningly detailed Iron Man costume is a good example. Some of the previous exclusive works include Batman, Loki, Joker and Darth Vader; check website for information.

Asgardian Iron Man armor by Prince Armory-1

Asgardian Iron Man armor by Prince Armory-3

Asgardian Iron Man armor by Prince Armory-4

Asgardian Iron Man armor by Prince Armory-2

Via: DeviantArt



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