Robot crushes worker to death in Volkswagen factory in Germany

Volkswagon factory robot kills a man

It is really unfortunate; but given the number of robots making it to factories around the world, we’ll have to prepare ourselves for such fateful incidences. News is from Volkswagen’s second largest factory located at Baunatal, some 100 kilometers north of Frankfurt, where a robot has killed a worker. The robot reportedly grabbed the 21 year old employee and crushed him against a metal plate.

The horrifying incident is allegedly caused by human error rather than some fault with the robot. The robot involved in the episode can be programmed to perform a range of function in the auto assembly process. In order to avoid any such ill-fated occurrence, the robots like these are generally kept in cages and are operated by humans.

Early reports suggest the deceased was not an employee of the automaker’s production plant; he was in the cage assembling the robot on behalf of a Meissen-based company that had developed the robot for the Volkswagen. The worker was accompanied by his colleague who was outside the cage and escaped harmless.

Via: RT



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