iPod nano and shuffle get colorful touchup, might launch in two weeks’ time

Apple iPod

When iPod Classic was released in 2001 it revolutionized the portable music player industry. But in the last decade or so its popularity has been shadowed by all the fancy new mobile devices that do much more than just playing music. So much that Apple no longer considers it a priority in its scheme of things for the long run and therefore has also removed a direct link to the iPod product page from their official website. However the Silicon Valley giant has made it clear through an update to the iTunes 12.2 software that iPod still sits in the back of its mind.

The update clearly shows pictures of iPod nano and shuffle alongside iPhone when a user starts the iTunes 12.2 update. This could not be an error since the last update had no such image of an iPod and it has been especially developed for this update. Don’t tell me that this is a casual error by Apple graphics developers!

Coming onto the image, well, it shows iPod nano in gold color and iPod shuffle in vibrant pink. Reports have also come-in that the iPod has been spotted in other colors like cool blue which is a tell-tale sign of Apple soon releasing the portable music players to go with the premium gold-edition Apple Watch. Some have even spotted the iPod touch images reading “Tuesday 14” which are being interpreted as the release date of these models on Tuesday, July 14.

Via: 9To5Mac



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