Apple Music hits initial roadblocks, here’s an insight

Apple Music glitches

Apple Music has got off from its infancy stage and is steadily settling down. But are the subscribers liking it? Well, there are mixed reactions from the users who have tried out the service which will come for free in the first three months. There white spots and then there are the black spots for this music service looking to compete with Spotify. Since, there are people who have reported more bads than the goods in this Apple music streaming service, for today we’ll drill out all the loopholes in Apple Music.

Just for your knowledge this is our interpretation of the Apple Music service and we are in no way trying to defame it. It’s just that we’ll be concentrating on what Apple needs to fix in the service to even have a chance to compete with Spotify. Alrighty then, let’s get it started.

1) Battery sucker

People have reported via tweets that Apple Music is somehow turning out to be a battery churner. Users who have used it over the last few days have said that it drains considerable amount of battery power and they checked the battery usage to confirm the fact. Probably if you don’t consider it as much of a problem, do keep battery banks handy with you.

2) iCloud and iTunes don’t gel well

Apple’s iCloud service that allows you to stream music with Apple Music service is somehow becoming a nightmare for people who have already a large collection of music on iTunes. The two services have not found any love and users are reporting that their music collection is going haywire with wrong Album artwork and duplication of songs. For a guy like me who likes to keep my music library well organized this is a big turn-off. Thank god I’m still a dedicated Android user!

3) Low quality streaming

The Apple Music service is portrayed as a premium audio streaming service but it only streams at 256 kbps. That is quite disappointing because people banking on Apple Music to satisfy their hunger for quality music will not go down with this option. Compared to other competitors this is a very limited option, since a music lover with good internet connectivity would like the option of 320 kbps as well. Apple better incorporate 320 kbps audio streaming option otherwise their dreams of ruling the music streaming industry will fade away.

4) Missing artists

Since Apple is going to enroll the participating artists who will be paying royalty for their music streamed on the service therefore Apple has made a miss on many artists. This is a huge glitch and won’t go down well with the subscribers with a wide range of music choice.

These are some of the initial glitches that users have reported for Apple Music service and we’ll let you know about more it any news props-up.



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