U.S. challenges Japan to a giant robot battle in real life

Giant robots battle

We have seen robots fight it out in Real Steel movie and Pacific Rim will take that to another level come 12 July 2015. So why can’t we have robots fight it out in real life? There is a hot battle in the making as US company MegaBots Inc. has challenged its closest rival Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a duel through Youtube’s channel.

In this video, the makers of Mark II robot have put up an open invitation to Kuratas robot for testing their robots ability one on one with a worthy competitor. Basically it is going to be a fight between US robotics and Japanese robotics technology, well that is what we are made to believe in the video.

Robot Vs. human battle between a one-armed robot and a master Japanese swordsman

If Suidobashi accepts the challenge then it is going to be interesting as we’ll see both the robotic giant machines take on one another in a paintball fight. Yes, a paintball fight is all that we can expect, it is not a movie for god sake. It is not going to be like the two robots will be firing bullets or missiles at each other. But I wish there could be a way to take the fight beyond just paintballing each other.

Apparently in another part of the globe in Volkswagen’s second largest factory located at Baunatal, a robot slammed a worker to death due to error in programming of the machine which is quite tragic and strange.

Via: CNet



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