DIY: Cool Woodburning art that can be fatal if touched!

Woodburning Art by Backyard scientist

DIY on a weekend is a good way to get your creative brain bits charged, and today we have one that is simple but should be performed under extreme precaution. The Backyard Scientist has put up a DIY in Youtube that shows how you can create some cool artwork for your home or office using microwave oven transformer and a pile of neatly cut plywood.

The main motive for this DIY project is to win the 2015 Streamies Award that appreciates the best Youtube creators in specific categories. The Backyard Scientist explains every detail about how to make the electronic contraption for this project. AS for the wooden pieces or plywood, one can choose them according to their liking and own creative will.

Woodburning Art by Backyard scientist

As it can be seen from the video, the electric current burns right through the wood in a sprouted pattern which looks good to the eye. The maker also made it a point to refine the burned woodwork to give it a very meticulous look.

NOTE: The project involves the use of electronics and also working with high voltage equipment. Follow the instructions carefully and proceed with caution.

Via: Youtube



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