Giant Robot battle accepted by Japan, the fight is on!

It’s not even been a week since the U.S. company Megabots laid down a challenge to Japanese rival Suidobashi Heavy Industry for a giant robot battle. The one between Mark II robot and Kuratas. The challenge announced by MegaBots on Youtube reached the right ears and now Suidobashi Heavy Industry bosses have come with a staunch reply to the dare.

Their only predicament, well they don’t think the challenge is challenging enough. The reason, they think that fighting around with paintballs fired from turrets is not a fit dare. They want a boxing like bout, the one reminiscent of the intense fighting shown in Real Steel movie.

Boy, this is going to brew into an interesting fight, as and when it is going to happen. Just one thing I wanted to add. This sounds to me like it is scripted and both these robotic companies planned it beforehand to create excitement. Any which way, this is going to be interesting and the fight of Giant Robots is definitely been green flagged.



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